Dana provides a complete range of mechanical transmissions and hydraulic-electronic products to respond to countless needs in heavy industry.

Long-term experience in heavy industry, alongside specific expertise in different sectors, places Dana in a position to fulfill the requirements for the most diverse applications by integrating a broad selection of technologies. Consulting services at the planning stage, design and engineering are complementary to an array of solutions for industrial processes in heavy industry sectors such as Steel, Sugar and Cement. Aftermarket support and custom-developed solutions are part of the offering designed to guarantee a lasting partnership with industries looking for a reliable, efficient solution and the benefits only a global market-leader such as Dana can ensure.

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Heavy Industry

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From raw material handling to semi-finished castings, steel wire, tubes, plates and coils, Dana has a broad experience in a variety of applications related to steel production and provides components for equipment used in the transformation of steel and many other metallurgical processes.

Dana is involved in both Primary and Secondary steelmaking. In the first case our solutions are applied to the equipment needed to convert liquid iron from a blast furnace and steel scrap into steel using the technique known as basic oxygen steelmaking. This can also be achieved in an electric arc furnace by melting scrap steel or what is called direct reduced iron. In Secondary steelmaking, our solutions are related to the refinement of crude steel, which is done prior to casting into semi-finished products.


A calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to finish or smooth a metal sheet, also used in […]


Bending Machines

Plastic deformation of a metal sheet can be performed cold or hot on a bending machine. Deformation results in a […]



Straightener machines are used in the continuous casting process. During continuous casting, molten steel is solidified into semi-finished […]



Edging drives, usually found at the start of the rolling process, are used to reduce the width of […]


Down coilers

Down coilers wrap the strip at the end of the line after passing the finishing stands. Having different demands […]


Dana develops a range of solutions for sugar refineries, in particular with regard to raw sugar cane and sugar beet processing. In-depth knowledge of this industry has enabled Dana to partner companies seeking production efficiency, equipment reliability and advanced technologies tailored to their needs.

Ranging from thickeners, crystallizers and clarifiers to the rollers at the sugar mill, Dana provides solutions for a substantial part of the sugar manufacturing process and can support companies with technical consultancy and cater for ongoing service requirements throughout the world.


ClarifierThe principal task of a clarifier or juicer is to separate the solids from the sugar cane liquid in order to minimize […]


Sugar mill – multiple drive

When the sugar cane reaches the sugar mill, it is shredded to break down the fibrous stalks and […]


Dana represents a close partner for cement manufacturers and covers a wide range of applications in the industry, from the limestone quarrying stage right up to the packed cement powder ready for distribution.

Limestone and clay are extracted locally and usually reach the cement works via a conveyor belt. Crushed into raw meal and transformed into clinker inside a sintering furnace, the material is then ground down and mixed with gypsum to obtain cement powder. In collaboration with the key OEMs in the industry and the end users, Dana acts as a primary partner supporting the market with a special focus on minimizing environmental impact.

Milling and Grinding

Horizontal mills Horizontal mills, which are essentially large cylinders rotating horizontally or at a slight angle, mostly contain […]