Partnering industries is much more than being able to supply the right product or component.  Our relationship with a customer is based on understanding a real need, developing a valid solution and making sure the benefits grow through the constant and tangible support we provide in terms of service. Service and support is a universe of initiatives and resources made available on-site, remotely or digitally, always by your side to optimize your industrial activities.


Beyond our vast range of standard products and systems, we provide custom-built solutions to satisfy individual requirements. Dana engineering specialists and technicians work together with the customer to evaluate the requirement and find the best-suited answer to specific needs.

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Guided by our desire to be a valued partner for our customers, we conduct engineering activities and invest in R&D to constantly improve reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness of our existing products. We regularly design and develop innovative solutions, and we are committed to offering superior product quality, technologically advanced equipment, world-class service, and competitive prices.

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The only way to ensure knowledge is shared across the organisation and sales and technical staff are kept up to date with new or existing technologies, is through a structured technical training scheme which addresses all needs. In-house training specialists conduct programs, online or in classrooms, dedicated to the entire Off-Highway product range. Open to all customers, SAC units and the global sales force, training is part of our philosophy and indispensable in view of the broad scope of our solutions.

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We are aware of how important it is to be close at hand when a customer needs you. Located at a regional level, our SAC units (Dana Service and Assembly Centers) provide timely support to customers, ensuring technical assistance, repairs and offering specific market knowledge and engineering expertise.


Our service includes collection, disassembly and full assessment of gearbox unit. Photographic evidence and documented findings are submitted to our client in a report, and following submission of a fully-costed repair proposal, service is agreed upon, carried out and fully tested. Damaged components may be replaced with OEM sourced spares or reverse-engineered parts.




Our engineers are fully trained to work on site. They have undergone safety training courses, have experience in installation work as well as shut-down projects, and can operate in hazardous environments. They are used to making risk assessments and issuing method statements.




Throughout the full equipment life cycle, we ensure programmed support and scheduled maintenance to ensure optimum operating conditions. Preventive maintenance includes condition-based monitoring using vibration analysis, generally in conjunction with borescopic surveys. Furthermore, data gathered by our technicians during inspections and refurbishments is used for asset management and can be fed into a customer’s maintenance planning scheme.

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A comprehensive source of documentation, always available online to our partners and customers around the world. The digital library is a database containing product literature, technical data sheets, presentations and other useful resources. Users can access this area and select documents according to type and language. We will be happy to provide you with access credentials.

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Backed by worldwide service capabilities and local presence to support our customers in all segments of the Off-Highway market sector, our aftermarket brands are distributed via a network of 13 centers ensuring availability and delivery to growing regional operations that provide hands-on service and support.

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