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Straightener machines are used in the continuous casting process. During continuous casting, molten steel is solidified into semi-finished billets, blooms or slabs for subsequent rolling in finishing mills. Straighteners ensure the semi-finished product is straight and, by controlling the speed of the steel as it runs through the rollers, optimizes the quality of the billet, bloom or slab. There are different configurations, and different products and relevant sizes will define the number of rolls, how many of them are to be driven and the electric motor power. Gearboxes are generally equipped with cooling coils to cool down the gearbox oil.

- Light, compact solution
- Spheroidal graphite cast iron housing
- Supports torque range up to 40 kNm
- High efficiency
- Premium sealing
- Easy to assemble/disassemble
- Complete product range featuring flange/swing diameter from 120 to 1300 mm
- Superior bearing life
- High torque capacity
- Designed for ease of maintenance with service-free option
- Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, proven with a 70-year history on the market
- Minimized total cost of ownership