Shipyard applications

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We supply dedicated solutions for the many specialized cranes that are used in large shipyards located usually near the sea or on tidal rivers for easy access. Such cranes are also used in dry docks, slipways, dust-free warehouses, painting facilities, and extremely large areas for ship building.

One example is a ship lift used to dry dock and launch ships. Consisting of a structural platform, which is first lowered underwater enabling the ship to float above the support, the platform and ship are subsequently lifted bringing the ship up to the level of the quay. 

-Technical and application support up to commissioning on site
- Customized for ship-lifts
- Dimensions and layout can be designed to meet any requirements
- Pull line up to 50 tons to meet specific customer needs
- Third-parties marine certification available
- Designed with dedicated gearboxes for large ship-lift installations
- Ratio range up to 6.000:1
- Maximum torque up to 850 kNm
- Third-parties marine certification available
- Inline and right angle configurations
- Electric motor connection available
- ATEX certification
- Integrated hydraulic failsafe negative brake and electromagnetic brake available
- Safety devices available as back stop, torque limiter, and sensors
- Trolley ship transport dedicate GB
- Complete hydraulic gearmotor solution
- Special output sealing
- Marine painting cycle
- Driving flange/pinion included
- Subsea execution up to 13 m
below sea leve

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