Mobile harbor cranes (MHC)

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Mobile Harbor Cranes are an increasingly common replacement for static harbor cranes. Modernized and mobilized, they have become a vital crane within ports able to handle all types of goods. 

Efficient, mobile and versatile, the mobile harbor crane can be used in any port for the handling of: bulk materials, steel or scrap metal, general cargo, heavy loads and containers. 

- Oil flow up to 1,000 lt/min
- High modularity
- ATEX certification
- Remote control, electronic operation
- Smooth control co improve operation functionality and accuracy
-Displacement up to 226 cc
- Medium- and high-pressure options
- Fixed and variable displacement available
- Open or closed loop circuit
- ATEX certification
- Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALfluids)
- Suitable for working in harsh and aggressive environments
- Main hoist drive motors
- Marine painting cycle
-Fixed and variable displacement
- Displacement up to 216 cc/rev
- Seven or nine piston options technologies
- Wide range of control valves
- Third-parties marine and ATEX certification
- Environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL fluids)
- Suitable for working in harsh and aggressive environments
- Torque range up to 370 kNm
- Modular design, inline or right angle configuration
- Range of output support configurations (low angle, long and short support with eccentricity)
- Failsafe negative brakes
- Input flange for hydraulic and electric prime motor
- Compact, light solutions for a perfect fit on machine frames
- Flexible output pinion to meet customer needs
- Product marine/offshore class certification available
- Special solutions to meet requirements for low climate and ATEX certifications
- Internal multidisc parking brake
- Manual disengagement device for towing
- High radial and axial load capacity bearings
- Cartridge hydraulic motors for compact layouts
- Motion control valves with different options available
- Bevel gear unit at the input for electric motor and/or cardan shaft connection available
- Special sealing system designed for severe enviromental conditions
- Hub and spindle made of strength material
- Single (for electric motor) or multiple input
(for hydraulic motors) available
- Ratio range up to 6.000:1
- Max torque up to 850 kNm
- Integrated hydraulic failsafe negative brake