Rubber tyred gantry (RTG) cranes

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With the advantage of wheels providing easy mobility, RTG cranes are harbor cranes used in intermodal operations to ground or stack containers. They are located in the stock-handling areas of the terminal. With RTG cranes, inbound containers are stored for future loading onto vessels.  These cranes typically straddle multiple lanes, with one lane reserved for container transfers. 

- Extensive torque range
- High efficiency
- Diverse low speed shaft options
- Low noise
- GG20-22 housing
- Complete product range featuring flange/swing diameter from 120 to 1300 mm
- Superior bearing life
- High torque capacity
- Maintenance: friendly design with service free option
- Engineered to withstand harsh conditions,proven with a 70-year history on the market
- Designed to minimize total cost of ownership
- Single (for electric motor) or multiple input
(for hydraulic motors) available
- Ratio range up to 6.000:1
- Max torque up to 850 kNm
- Integrated hydraulic failsafe negative brake
-Dedicated design for single-drum drive
- Shape and cost customization
-Auxiliary drive system on board
-Marine painting
-Extensive ratio range
-Supports torque range up to 1300 kNm
-Spheroidal graphite cast iron housing
-High efficiency
-Diverse low speed shaft options
- Premium sealing
- Reliable operation
- Wheel drive and driven
- Customized solution
- Developed for highly efficient
electric drivetrain
- Benefit in cost in the of electric
- Wheels steering system drive
- Ratio range up to 5.000:1
- Modular design
- Marine painting cycle
- Others options solution on request also for
- Anti-sway drive
- New concept design with bevel set
on second stage
- High efficiency
- Low noise
- Drum winch directly fixed on
the output shaft

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