Water Pumps / Generators

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Archimedes Screw Pumps are used for pumping fluids from low-level areas to higher ground. Typically, applications include sewage plants, flood defence, drainage and irrigation systems. The Brevini EvoMax™ offers improved gearing profiles meaning lower noise, a strict requirement particularly near urban areas. The Brevini EvoMax also offers higher efficiency making it an excellent option when using the Archimedes Pump as a generator by reversing the flow. In addition, Dana Brevini™ is able to provide standard and customized gearbox solutions also for the following applications within the Water Treatment sector: Vertical and Paddle Aerators, Anaerobic Digesters, Band Screeners, Water Gates, Trash Rakes, and Debris Filters.

- Wide range of sizes
- Ease of maintenance
- Increased reliability
- High degree of modularity
- Optimized oil levels
- Optimized oil consumption
- Housings available in grey or nodular cast iron GJS400 or welded steel as standard
- Increased efficiency lower energy consumption
- Lower risk of environmental impact

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