Thickener and Clarifier

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Industrialization and environmental changes have seen urbanisation rates increase steadily over the years. Consequently, wastewater treatment is becoming a crucial aspect for businesses and local municipalities looking to recycled and reclaim water. Substituting potable water with recycled water for irrigation, agriculture and industrial uses relieves pressure on distribution networks limiting extraction of freshwater from natural sources. Dana Brevini™ extensive product portfolio of planetary and bevel helical gearboxes serve customers with high torque and efficient solutions for any applications within the water treatment plant. Dana Brevini planetary gearboxes offer optimised solutions for thickener and clarifier drives suitable for vertical mounting position equipped with a wide ratio range for slow running applications. Equipped with standard accessories, Dana Brevini gearboxes can effectively and efficiently operate all applications ensuring reliability in demanding applications.

- Torque range up to 370 kNm
- Modular design, inline or right angle configuration
- Range of output support configurations (low angle, long and short support with eccentricity)
- Failsafe negative brakes
- Input flange for hydraulic and electric prime motor
- Compact, light solutions for a perfect fit on machine frames
- Flexible output pinion to meet customer needs

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