Wagon tipplers and positioners

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Wagon tipplers are used to unload bulk material from wagons, including coal, coke, lignite, iron ore, limestone, dolomite, and others. A complete wagon tippler system includes the positioning system, car dumper, and underground hopper along with feeders below the hopper to release bulk material. The wagon is positioned in the tippler with special positioner drives, VFD controlled using a rack-and-pinion system. Alternatively, a wire rope cable-and-drum arrangement can be used. The wagon is dumped using a specific heavy-duty rack-and-pinon drive to position it downward in the machine pit.  

Depending on the application, this machine can be designed with a single, tandem, triple, or quadruple dumper frame. Every wagon tippler system is engineered to meet customer needs based on the type of bulk material that will be unloaded. 

- Complete drive system including base and bed plate
- Supports torque range up to 1300 kNm
- Spheroidal graphite cast iron housing
- High efficiency
- Premium sealing
- Reliable operation
- Low noise
- Improved thermal capacity
- Robust design
- Reliable operation, engineered for harsh conditions
- Spheroidal graphite cast iron housing for low-temperature applications
- Custom-made output support and pinions
- Extensive ratio range
- Supports torque range up to 2200 kNm
- Increased thermal capacity due to shared oil chamber
- Spheroidal graphite cast iron housing
- High efficiency
- Diverse low-speed shaft options
- Premium sealing
- Low noise
- Customized male shaft with keyway

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