Roller presses

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In order to crush ore, roller presses, or high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR), utilize two counter-rotating rolls – one fixed and one movable. Compared to traditional systems, this design increases stability and efficiency. Roller presses can be used for grinding as well as compacting. The drive power is transferred to the grinding rollers via multistage Brevini® planetary gearboxes mounted on the drive end of the roller shaft using shrink disc coupling or a low-speed flange. Traditional drives above 400 kW are equipped with fluid- or torque-limiter coupling and a cardan shaft. Bulk material is fed through the gap between two rollers, then through a feeding device on top of the machine, which can vary depending on feeding method. 

- Extensive torque range
- High efficiency
- Diverse low-speed shaft options
- Low noise
- Robust housing made in cast iron GG20-22
- Modular concept, can be customized to customer needs
- Supports torque range up to 2200 kNm
- Spheroidal graphite cast iron housing
- High efficiency
- Diverse low-speed shaft options
- Premium sealing
- Reliable operation, engineered for harsh conditions
- Low noise
- Special torque arm systems
- Complete product range featuring flange/swing diameter from 120 to 1300 mm
- Superior bearing life
- High torque capacity
- Maintenance: friendly design with service free option
- Engineered to withstand harsh conditions,proven with a 70-year history on the market
- Designed to minimize total cost of ownership

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