A look at how Dana improves pulp washer performance in Sweden.

Increasing efficiency and performance of the pulp washers along a fiberline leads to significant savings. Ensured by Dana this aspect was appreciated by global developer of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries , when they approached suppliers to equip four TwinRoll™ presses in Sweden.

Thanks to our excellent professional relationship with the customer and our experience of the industry in other important markets, Dana, through its local SAC, delivered 8 Brevini High Power units, enabling cost savings and increased space efficiency compared to traditional hydraulic radial piston motors. An optimal solution from a technical point of view, the Brevini High Power units also achieved an unbeatable torque/euro ratio which proved to be decisive in the choice.

Further details of the 8 units supplied:

•         6 x Brevini High power SL2P12020

•         2 x Brevini High power SL2P25025

Dana provides a host of solutions for the Pulp & Paper industry and our international organization is available to respond to enquiries and needs to customize products in order to meet specific demands.