Continuous ship unloaders
the importance of selecting the right gearboxes

MARKET: Bulk Materials

SAC: Korea

THE PROJECT: Gearboxes for non-stop material handling applications

ADDRESS: 13-38, Sinheung-ro 511beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea - PHONE: +82-32-672-9563 - EMAIL:

The Requirement

Thanks to our many references for Continuous Ship Unloaders applications, we were contacted for a supply of material in Korea. Reliability and resistance to constant thermal stress is a key issue on Continuous Ship Unloaders, coping with non-stop functions such as bucket elevator drives. We were approached for 2 Continuous Ship Unloaders.

our solutions

Knowing how important it is to select the right solutions was a key step to winning this business. However, the choices involved were not simply off-the-shelf products. There was a need for substantial customization and we delivered:

  • 16 S-Series
  •  24 Industrial Planetary Gamma base gearboxes


Especially selected to address the issue relating to thermal capacity.

key numbers

Applications covered by our gearboxes on each Continuous Ship Unloader included:


SL35001/FS Bucket Elevator Drives


SC4003/MP Bucket Elevator Slewing Drives


ED2250/MN Rotary Feeder Drives


SL12004/FAR Boom Slewing Drives


ED2150/FE Gantry Travel Drives

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