A compact, customized,
and cost-effective solution for shunting robots

MARKET: Rail Industry

SAC: Germany

THE PROJECT: Gearboxes for Fifteen Shunting Robots

ADDRESS: Benzstrasse 7, 82291 Mammendorf, Germany - PHONE: 0049 8145 92830 - EMAIL: Mammendorf@dana.com

The Requirement

Our customer was looking for bevel-helical gearboxes for a series of shunting robots and required a compact solution that could accommodate the existing machine shafts.

our solutions

Our modular concept immediately satisfied the requirement to minimize the overall size, but we needed to customize our offering so the customer could maintain the existing machine shafts. Close collaboration between our engineers and the customer’s technical staff led to a successful outcome, allowing us to retain between 80 and 90% standard parts in the customized gearbox, while still providing a cost-effective solution.

Our previous experience with products made at the Bad-Homburg facility and the excellent technical support provided throughout each phase of pre-order discussions and during the supply also helped to influence the decision to purchase from Dana.

The result was a supply of 30  Brevini® Helical and Bevel-Helical Gearboxes – POSIRED 2 with the following key benefits:

  • compact, modular design

  • affordable customization

  • competitive pricing for large quantities

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