Big equipment relies on the accuracy and reliability of smaller components, and valves are no exception to this rule. At Dana SAC Norway AS, we have been building and testing HPV valves for over 10 years. Thousands of proportional valves that have helped us increase our skills and refine our manufacturing processes. Today, we are proud to register extremely high quality in terms of precision and durability.  All parts, including the electrical components, are designed by the Brevini Motion Systems team and the mechanical-electrical component is protected by four international patents.


Our series proportional directional valves HPV41, HPV77 and HPV310 offer unique solutions to a wide range of industries and applications including cranes, drilling machines, marine equipment. Check here to see if your industry features in our areas of expertise.


Manufacturing skills are one of our assets, yet the most important aspect comes before we build the valve. First we examine your specific application in order to understand your goals and provide a solution which overcomes any technical or functional issues. We evaluate all aspects of your application so we can tailor your HPV to bring you the performance and efficiency you require.

Our HPVs can be delivered with a wide range of Electric Controls PWM, and different Joysticks. They are also avaliable in the ATEX version. Get more details here and contact us for further assistance or general enquiries.