This year at METEC in Düsseldorf, Dana, with its product brands GWB and Brevini Motion Systems, is teaming up to generate broader interest for the key players in the steel manufacturing industry.  Our joint presence will reinforce the value of our extensive experience across the sector.  Covering the principle areas of steel production, going from raw material handling to semi-finished castings, steel wire, tubes, plates and coils, we provide solutions for primary and secondary steelmaking applications.

Two applications at the heart of the steel industry

On show at our booth in Hall 5, we will present two applications.  The showcase product from GWB is a four-meter long, heavy-duty cardan shaft with a flange diameter of 1000 mm applied to an edger.  With a max. torque capacity of up to 2.600 kNm, the cardan shaft boasts innovative features aimed at providing easy maintenance, trouble-free operation and has a Journal Cross with unique heat treatment for exceptional bearing lifecycle. The special tunnel cardan shaft of GWB is displayed as a serviced product be ready for next campaign. Planned overhauling was performed after more than 5 years of excellent performance in the rolling mill.

Also featured at the booth a solution from Brevini Motion Systems for a straightener machine used in the continuous casting process.  Able to provide highly customized solutions, our experts are available to discuss technical issues with visitors curious to discover more of our dedicated solutions for the steel industry.  The Posiplan plano-helical gearboxes are lightweight and compact, built in a spheroidal graphite cast iron housing.  They support torque up to 40 kNm, feature premium sealing and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Partnering the industry with key products and experience specific to the steelmaking process

Also on show at METEC, we will have large and small cardan shafts from GWB and three gearbox solutions from Brevini Motion Systems: Posired 2 helical gearbox, Posiplan plano-helical gearbox and a planetary gearbox.  Present across all continents, we develop, supply and maintain motion systems for a wide range of applications in heavy industries including steel. Managing power conveyance to machines, powering work functions and driving industrial equipment, our solutions will ensure your business is already prepared to respond to tomorrow’s demands.

We look forward to seeing you at METEC in Düsseldorf from June 25 – 29. Hall 5 – Booth A01.