Demonstrating our commitment to growing in industrial segments, Dana is exhibiting Brevini and GWB technologies at Marintec China, the largest on- and off-shore marine expo in the Asia Pacific region the week of Dec. 4. The portfolio of products on display include drive, motion, and control systems found in shipyards and on vessels, including winches, planetary gearboxes, hydraulic drives, and controls.

Brevini Slew Drive and 30-Tonne Winch

Our principle display featured two products widely used in marine applications.

To meet the demands of precision material handling, Dana is exhibiting a Brevini winch system (right-hand side of picture below) used on hoisting cranes and vessels capable of lifting loads of up to 30 tons. This particular example is a twin-wire lift, powered by nine-pin axial hydraulic motors which provide excellent low-speed control for precision movement. Typically seen in a wide variety of marine applications, the winch is used on harbor cranes and vessels such as trawlers, tugs, cargo ships, and oil platforms.

Also on display is a large slew drive (right-hand side of picture below.) These devices, featuring both a Brevini planetary gearbox and hydraulic motor, are part of ship steering and positioning systems to accurately maneuver the propulsion pods/propellers and are also specified in on-and-offshore cranes to provide the rotational movement of the lifting arm.

Dana is also showing GWB brand industrial driveshafts at Marintec targeted at a wide variety of applications in shipping propulsion systems.

Marintec is held in Shanghai every two years and runs until through Dec. 8.