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THE PROJECT:Ship to Shore (STS) Cranes

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The Requirement

Supplying gearboxes for all motions of an STS crane usually means responding to a requirement for 2-to-4 cranes for each project.  In this case, we were asked to supply solutions for faster-than-standard cranes handling multiple containers per lift.  This leads to high gearbox speeds which in turn creates a very high demand power, especially for the hoist which is typically in excess of 1MW.

our solutions

Considering our extensive experience in this industry and for this application, we devised solutions that enabled our customer to address each single requirement appropriately.  Working closely with their engineering team, we were able to fully understand each aspect and customize the gearboxes to suit the real application requirements.

As we had already demonstrated our capabilities in the past, the customer entrusted us with delivery of a complete package including:


Main Hoist (Large) – 1 per crane
N°1 Brevini® Helical Gearbox – Posired 2 Series               PD63-R10-V26- 22.4

  • Input (motor) power 2 x 650kW
  • Effective Ratio 23.2:1
  • Input Speed 1100/2200 rpm
  • Gearbox with fabricated steel housing
  • Paint to C5M

Trolley Drives – 4 per crane
N°4 Brevini® Bevel Helical Gearboxes – Posired 2 Series               PLC20-R11-G16-21.97

  • Input (motor) power 55 kW
  • Effective Ratio 21.97:1
  • Input Speed 1800 rpm
  • Gearbox with SG iron housing
  • Paint to C5M

Travel Drives – 8 per crane
N°8 Brevini® Bevel Helical Gearboxes – Posired 2 Series               PLC20-R11-G11-31.5

  • Input (motor) power 40 kW
  • Effective Ratio 32.353:1
  • Input Speed 1800 rpm
  • Gearbox with SG iron housing
  • Paint to C5M

Auxiliary Hoist Drives – 1 per crane
N°1 Brevini® Geared Motor Unit – MR873-2E180/L4C

  • Motor power 22 kW
  • Output Speed 23 rpm
  • Paint to C4

Auxiliary Trolley Drives – 2 per crane
N°2 Brevini® Geared Motor Unit – MR172-3E90L/4C

  • Motor power 1.5 kW
  • Output Speed 162 rpm
  • Paint to C5M


In order to withstand the high operating speeds of around 90m/min. and the loads lifted – usually two containers lifted simultaneously weighing approx. 90 tons including the spreader – – the products were conceived and built to ensure more than 50,000 hours of service.

key numbers

In a project with such an extensive scope, being able to coordinate an international team of professionals operating across different Dana locations is a vital factor. Here are a few key figures illustrating the scope of this project:


Sales Professionals: supporting coordination with the customer


Engineering Departments


Engineers that supported the project in order to finalize the requirements and coordinate project development


Production Plant: Bad-Homburg


Product Lines

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