Positwin drives to equip 28 extrusion machines
in the plastics industry

MARKET: Plastics & Rubber

SAC: Japan

THE PROJECT: Extrusion machines for plastic and chemical compounding applications

ADDRESS: Urbannet Nihonbashi Building 4th Floor, 14-10, Nihonbashi Ningyocho 2 Chome Chuo Ku, Tokyo 103-0013 Japan
- PHONE: +81-3-5642-5151 - EMAIL: toiawase@dana.co.jp

The Requirement

In need of a solution for 28 extrusion machines, a Japanese machine tool manufacturer approached us for equipment used in plastic and chemical compounding applications. Round-the-clock production, running machines at the highest possible speeds to maximize output meant reliability was a crucial factor, as well as prompt after-sales service in case of maintenance issues.

our solutions

High-density torque and proven reliability persuaded the customer to choose our POSITWIN twin screw extruder drives based on their compact design, variety of models and the following benefits:

  • Center distance from 15.5mm up to 205 mm

  • 30 sizes available

  • Output torque from 40 Nm up to 40,000 Nm

  • Torque density up to 20 Nm/ mm2

  • Splash or forced lubrication, with shaft or motor-driven pump

key numbers

Our solution was a supply of:


POSITWIN double shaft extruder gears

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