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Just like a gearbox transforms speed into torque, Dana helical and bevel helical solutions are carefully designed to suit each application, ensuring efficiency, performance and long-term reliability.


Built with premium quality materials and with a modular design for superior flexibility, our industrial gearboxes will suit a broad range of applications. However, the real value behind the product are the specialists who will bring their expertise into play and help you define the most appropriate solution. Understanding an application, awareness of the working environment and conditions, appreciating complex technical specifications that are analyzed and verified by our industrial team; these are the key factors that allow you peace of mind when entrusting your requirement to Dana. We provide maximum performance and reliability within a cost-effective package.


In industrial applications with high power and torque demands, reliability and efficiency are very important.  Where safety factors are a key issue, each application is a case of its own. Dana focuses on providing a complete solution which takes into account the need to ensure quick delivery, technical validation and application-specific performance. This results in a package which is well adapted to the main requirements, providing a solution with outstanding reliability. Moreover, thanks to our technical expertise matched with our extensive customization capabilities, we bring major benefits to each project, because awareness of your real needs counts more than many other aspects.


■ Optimized casing designs lead to lower noise levels, improved housing quality and less weight.

■ Compact one-piece casings optimize the torque-weight ratio.

■ Split casings facilitate assembly and maintenance procedures particularly for larger drives.

■ Different casing material options will suit different application needs.

■ DIN 6 and AGMA 11 gear toothing quality for greater efficiency and noise reduction.

■ Gearing verification to DIN, ISO and AGMA provide flexibility of application to all market sectors and regions.

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