Dana SAC Russia

Our representative office has a long history of supplying equipment for both mobile and stationary building and construction equipment (drilling machines, mobile and tower cranes, etc.). The key products include slewing drives, travel drives, hydraulic winches, gearboxes for rotary heads. We also supply complete mobile hydraulic systems consisting of tandem pumps, hydraulic motors, various valves and accessories.

Our high power planetary and helical gearboxes have a good track record of upgrade projects at mining and processing plants and have also shown good results in the updating of handling equipment for bulk materials within the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Furthermore, we are in constant close contact with the Original Equipment Manufacturers located in our area. Our drive systems are widely used in numerous applications, such as drives for crushers, classifiers, thickeners, conveyors, and apron feeders, just to name a few.

Our Representative office is in cooperation with a big number of Russian steel manufacturers, for example, on the projects on continuous casters upgrading. A unique patented configuration of our special series compact gearboxes has allowed for and ensured the improved performance of the existing equipment.

Shipbuilding industry also falls under the spotlight of our attention. For this industry we have gained presence by offering high power slewing drives and slewing rings for steerable thrusters.

Our representative office cooperates with many Russian steel manufacturers, for example, on continuous caster upgrading projects. A unique, patented configuration of our special series of compact gearboxes ensures the improved performance of existing equipment.

We also focus on the shipbuilding industry, having gained market share by offering high-power slewing drives and slewing rings for steerable thrusters.

In Russia and CIS countries we deal with major warehousing equipment manufacturers and supply them with hydraulic equipment including diverse valve types and power packs. In the Republic of Belarus we have implemented a considerable amount of projects for the supply of hydraulic equipment to major agricultural machine building companies. Key products include hydraulic control valves, hydraulic motors, pumps, and gearboxes